Breast Lift Sugery (Mastopexy)


Why Undergo Breast Lift Surgery (a Mastopexy)?

If you are satisfied with your breast volume, but are unhappy about any sagging or loss of firmness, this procedure is the one for you. Pregnancy and breastfeeding (and even weight loss) are the usual culprits here, where your breast skin stretches as the breast tissue increases in volume during breastfeeding. Then when the volume subsides afterwards, results in the skin envelope becoming a saggy pocket (and breasts that have sagged).

You may also find that you have associated stretch marks, which may indicate that your skin elasticity is not the best – hence its reluctance to return to its previously un-stretched state after being stretched!

Measuring breast lift surgery


When Is The Right Time To Have This Done?

As puberty, pregnancy, child birth and breastfeeding can drastically change the volume and shape of your breasts, it is highly recommended that this operation is performed after all of the above is finished. This isn’t to say that it is not possible to perform this before pregnancy – but pregnancy and breast feeding after a breast lift, means that the previously dealt with saggy skin may well recur again. Due to the nature of this being a cosmetic procedure, you will need to quit smoking prior – as nicotine will increase your chances of post-operative wound complications and potentially result in poorer aesthetic outcomes.

The Procedure / Technique

The operative time will differ between individuals, typically taking anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. A general anaesthetic is required and you will be treated at a fully equipped private hospital theatre. An overnight stay is necessary to ensure you are comfortable prior to being discharged home the next day.

There are many different incisions which could be used for a breast lift procedure, and the one you need will be tailored to your needs. Most commonly you will require a scar around the nipple, from there, a straight vertical scar down the breast and into the crease line. Sometimes this procedure can be combined with an insertion of a breast implant (similar to a breast augmentation) to increase the volume of your breasts as well. This procedure is called an Augmentation Mastopexy – ie Breast lift and augmentation – but this has separate implications. Implants are not necessarily appropriate for all patients, and not all patients would be happy with the thought of having implants.

What to Expect

Pre & Post Operative Care and Complications.

Both the procedure and recovery time will depend on the condition being treated, the area being operated on and the complexity of the surgery being performed. Your recovery time will also depend on your job/home situation. You will be adequately prepared during your consultation by your plastic surgeon, so that you’re clear on what’s involved and what your recovery is likely to be like. Completely tailored to your surgery and needs.

We will address your complete medical history during your initial consultation to ensure the best possible treatment plan. Blood thinners may require cessation pre-operatively - we will advise you according to your individual needs. It is also important for you to fully disclose to us all other regular medications (eg. diabetic medications, blood pressure medications and asthmatic inhalers) as they may interfere with your surgical journey and/or recovery.

You will require at least a mammogram or ultrasound of your breasts to ensure all is well prior to proceeding. Smoking also greatly increases surgical/anaesthetic risks and complicates recovery - cessation of smoking at least six weeks prior and after surgery is highly recommended, although it is best to quit altogether.

You will receive a post-operative information sheet during your stay detailing your recovery period and how to look after your dressing tapes and wounds at home. You should be able to drive in approximately one week, and aim to return to work (non-manual duties) in 1-2 weeks. It is not advisable to return to heavy sporting and manual duties until the 6 week mark to ensure swelling and wounds settle. A post-operative no-underwire bra is mandatory for extra support for 6 weeks after this operation. This will be provided to you by our practice during your inpatient stay.

Every operation comes with potential risks and side effects. It is extremely important that during your consultation, you are well informed about the different options, rationale behind them and what is involved with the procedure in question. We highly value your personal wishes and expectations - but at the same time we need to ensure that they are achievable and realistic. These details will be thoroughly addressed during your consultation along with any possible complications that might occur, the treatment prospects if they do occur, which all may have subsequent effects on your work, life and finance especially if further revision surgery is require

General complications follow those as with any surgical or invasive procedure that carries risk, but include:

  • Bleeding and haematoma (blood clot which may require drainage/evacuation)
  • Infection (which may require antibiotics, extra hospital stay or further surgery)
  • Anaesthetic risks (your anaesthetist will discuss this with you thoroughly)
  • Abnormal scarring (hypertrophic, stretched or keloid scar)

Your Next Step

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