Breast Surgery


Your Breast Surgery Journey

You may be considering breast surgery for a number of reasons such as;

Why you’re choosing to undergo your breast surgery is personal, private and unique to you. During your decision making process however, you want to ensure that your surgeon is supportive of both your desired outcome and the physical characteristics of your body. This will help you in achieving the best possible outcome after your surgical procedure.

The pages below will answer many of the common questions about each breast surgery procedure. However, most patients rightly have more personal questions they’d like to ask. Once you’ve had a read of the pages below, the next best step is to book a consultation.

During this consultation you’ll able to discuss your desired outcome, questions and concerns with a specialist qualified plastic surgeon. Even if you’re seeking a second opinion on your journey, we recommend talking and finding the qualified plastic surgeon that is right for you.

Measuring breast lift surgery

Breast Augmentation

For when you want to enhance or enlarge your breasts to realise a fuller more personally confident chest. Breast implant surgery can provide a very satisfying and confidence boosting result for when you have had less than desired development, asymmetry or post pregnancy shrinkage. 

Breast Reconstruction

For women that have gone through a mastectomy and are looking to reconstruct their lost natural breasts. For a lot of women, losing a breast (or even both) is a daunting journey. It’s so much more than just the topic of appearance, it’s also about their self esteem and feminine identity. 

Breast Reconstruction
Breast Lift

Breast Lift

If you are satisfied with the volume of your breasts, but are unhappy about any sagging or loss of firmness that has occurred for any number of reasons, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, this procedure is the one for you.

Breast Reduction

Also known as reduction mammaplasty, this common procedure aims to reshape and reduce the volume of your breasts to achieve a breast size in better proportion with your body.

Breast Reduction

Your Next Step

Start Your Journey or Get a Second Opinion

Book a consultation to discuss the outcome you’re hoping for or to get a second opinion from a qualified plastic surgeon.