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Plastic Surgery Common Patient Questions

As you decide to undertake your surgical journey, you’ll no doubt have many questions. And, I encourage you to ask as many and all of the questions that come to mind to ensure that your mind is at ease as you go through this process. 

Below I’ve answered some of the more common questions around plastic surgery. This also helps ensure that you get the most out of your consultation and helps you think of other questions that you may contemplate asking. 

As you read the below, I have no doubt some questions will remain. I suggest that you write them down to bring to ask during your discussion. This way you’ll ensure that you don’t forget any questions you have now, at a later date. 

Plastic Surgery FAQ

A lot of people don't really know what a plastic surgeon does. Some get us confused with cosmetic surgeons, and some may think we only put in breast implants, fix noses, and perform face lifts. We are a lot more diverse than that. The word "Plasticus" in Latin means "to mould". Because of this, plastic surgery is a speciality capable of restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of skin and tissues of the human body.

In many places around the world, plastic surgeons are responsible for two areas of treatment: reconstructive surgery (craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, burns surgery), and aesthetics or cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery for restorative or repair of injuries is necessary due to the acute and emergent nature of your presentation.

Plastic surgery for reconstructive means is sometimes optional, but can also be a necessity depending on the type of cancer or congenital deficit present. From a cosmetic point of view, plastic surgery is a well accepted thing as long as you are well informed of the rationale, expected course and outcome of surgery. I always say to my patients they need to be comfortable with the reasons for having the surgery, and ensure that they are having the surgery for themselves and not for anyone else.

Reconstructive plastic surgery aims to correct deformities, repair injuries, in an attempt to restore function and form. Cosmetic plastic surgery aims to enhance. Either categories of plastic surgery as a whole can improve your quality of life, improve function and restore confidence.

Size acceptance, body positivity and self-esteem are the most common reasons. Most seek aesthetics and cosmetic procedures to "feel like a better version of themselves". It is important you are however, honest with yourself. In my practice, I always encourage women to be mindful of their own self-care, which involves being positive about their own minds and bodies.

You have to be entirely certain that you are having surgery for yourself, because the goal here is to make you feel better about your own body and self. Having a procedure to impress or satisfy someone else will never make you happy.

In this day and age, with the wide acceptance of cosmetic and aesthetics surgery, along with the birth of marketing and social media, patients can shop around for cosmetic practitioners with ease. It would not be uncommon for people to get a botox injection down the road at a hair salon, or a filler at a random shop before heading to a night out on a weekend.

Surgery is a different story. Seeking care from a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon will prioritise your care, ensure that the advice you are receiving is experienced and sound.

I will always suggest a plan of treatment which I feel is "best for you and you only", whilst ensuring it is within the boundaries of your wishes. You also need someone who is willing to warn you when what you think you want may not work well. Moreover, having a fully qualified board-certified plastic surgeon look after you means that we are fully equipped to deal with any unfortunate and unforeseen complications if they arise during or after your procedure.

In regards to aesthetics/cosmetic surgery - Whilst many patients want a subtle, "underdone" result, some patients certainly prefer the opposite - and want to have a noticeable and obvious result.  The choice is yours and I will endeavour to deliver the result you are after.

However, whilst some looks may suit one person, it may not necessarily suit you as much based on your body measurements and proportions.  I will take your wishes on board and advise you based on my experience as to what some of the benefits and drawbacks are, tailored to your needs.

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I encourage you to write any questions you have down for your consultation. This way we can ensure that every thought and concern that you have is addressed and answered for your piece of mind. 

If you have questions following your surgery, please contact the clinic on (03) 9988 1838 so we can address them for you promptly.