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Breast Lift Patient Common Questions

As you decide to undertake your breast lift surgical journey, you’ll no doubt have many questions. I encourage you to ask as many and all of the questions that come to mind to ensure that your mind is at ease as you go through this process.

Below I’ve answered some of the more common questions patients ask. This also helps ensure that you get the most out of your consultation and helps you think of other questions that you may contemplate asking.

As you read the below, I have no doubt some questions will remain. I suggest that you write them down to bring to during our discussion. This way you’ll ensure that you don’t forget any questions you have now, at a later date.

For more general breast surgery questions visit the General Breast Surgery FAQ

Breast Lift FAQ

A breast lift is an operation which requires removal of loose excess breast skin with - or sometimes without - re-arrangement of your breast gland tissue, in order to achieve a more youthful, lifted look and shape.

Recovery is very similar to a breast reduction (see the FAQ), but will be quicker due to the smaller volume of tissue re-arrangement and skin excision.

Patients commonly report feeling more youthful and confident with their appearance due to their new found lifted look.

It's often difficult for patients to ascertain if they require a breast lift or a breast reduction. Sometimes patients come in reporting that they would like a breast lift, but in actual fact the cause of their droopiness is also due to a fair bit of excess volume. This decision is often easier made together during a consultation.

As per a breast reduction, it is recommended that you undergo this operation after you have finished with family, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

The scar pattern choices are similar to that of a breast reduction variety. The one you will have will certainly depend on how much glandular tissue requires re-arrangement, and how much loose skin you have.

A small proportion of breast lifts (without reduction) may be eligible for government medicare and health fund rebates depending on your medical circumstances - position of your breast gland, chest wall and nipple, and timing of your last pregnancy. Photographic evidence is often required to demonstrate particular details to demonstrate the eligibility for governmental and health fund rebates.

No - it wouldn't be worth doing a lift at all without changing the shape.
Technically we could do a breast lift without changing the volume of the breast gland - but the whole point is to tighten the breast so some excess skin will have to be removed to achieve this.

In doing all of this, the shape will definitely change - unavoidable, and it is really the reason patients seek out this procedure.

This will depend how much work is required - and varies patient to patient. As mentioned above, if you fit the criteria you may be eligible for government medicare and/or health fund. If you do not, you may be required to pay cosmetic hospital fees which are not covered by your health fund.

Part of performing a breast lift will give a slightly fuller look in the upper cleavage area which will hence give the illusion that you have undergone some kind of an augmentation. We call this phenomenon "auto-augmentation".

To the contrary, having an augmentation can also increase the breast volume occupying the same "bag" of loose breast tissue, which may result in some degree of skin tightening and give a more "lifted" look.

But no they are not the same things - more so they are related and it is not uncommon to have both terms confused with one another.

The only way to determine your exact needs is by having a consultation with a qualified and registered plastic surgeon. In the consultation we can assess your goals and the existing appearance of your breasts and decide on the best course of action.eo.

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I encourage you to write any questions you have down for your consultation. This way we can ensure that every thought and concern that you have is addressed and answered for your piece of mind. 

If you have questions following your surgery, please contact the clinic on (03) 9988 1838 so we can address them for you promptly.