Thinking of breast surgery?

A Video Guide to Breast Augmentation Surgery

In this video I, Dr Marion Chan, discuss the common questions and topics I have with patients during their first consultation when they come in thinking about undergoing breast augmentation surgery.
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In this video, I cover
The common reasons patients consider breast augmentation surgery.
The expectations and hopes of many patients thinking of breast augmentation.
The types of breast implants available.
How long breast implants 'last'.
And the potential complications of breast augmentation surgery.
The Next Step On Your Journey

Your Personal Consultation

While the video above is designed to provide a good degree of general information, it is true that it can never replace a one on one consultation I have with a patient. My patients' circumstances, situation, body and personal beliefs, are each unique. Just as yours are.

Surgery is a big deal. It deserves the undivided attention of a specialist plastic surgeon to plan a surgery that works for you. I would love to have a consultation to discuss your surgical journey and the outcomes you're hoping to achieve with breast augmentation surgery.  I currently provide consultations in both Melbourne and Geelong and surgery in a number of hospitals within Victoria. 

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