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What Will My Scars Look Like After My Breast Augmentation Operation?

If you’re considering having a breast augmentation procedure, you’ll already realise that there’s going to be potential for scarring at the incision site where the implants need to be inserted …

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Breast Augmentation

How Much Pain am I Going to Have After my Breast Augmentation Procedure?

One question I get asked often from my patients prior to their breast augmentation procedure is how much pain they should expect, and therefore the types of activities they’ll be …

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woman with measuring tape around breasts measuring chest

What Will My Breast Reduction Recovery Be Like?

In this short discussion, Dr Marion Chan touches on what a typical breast reduction surgery recovery process will be like including how long you’ll be in hospital, what you can …

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Woman with dumbbells exercising
Breast Surgery

When Can I Return to Exercise After Breast Surgery?

If you are used to going for your daily run or dropping by the gym after work as part of your healthy daily routine, having breast surgery can leave you …

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Woman strapping post op breast surgery compression garment over chest.

What are Post-Operative Breast Surgery Compression Garments?

Not sure what post-op compression garments are for following breast surgery or why we use them? Watch the short video below or read this short discussion from Dr Marion Chan …

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